Campese free-range chicken

Campese free-range chicken
Campese, free-range chicken is one of Amadori's top-of-the-range products. Carefully selected from superior breeds, Campese birds are allowed to roam free outdoors in large open pastures; it is a 100% Italian range, fed on 100% plant-based, GMO-free animal feed and processed with 100% renewable energy.
Raised outdoors - Campese farms have windows overlooking large fenced pastures which are rich in vegetation and where the chickens can roam free from dawn till dusk and return to their cages for shelter. Each chicken has 1m2 of garden and is left outside for at least one half of its life. The Campese farms (around 100) are located in Puglia, a particularly favourable area on account of the mild climate, and all comply with the requirements of the Italian legislative decree dated 29 July 2004 governing outdoor chicken farming. 
GMO-free, plant-based - animal feed used to raise Campese chickens is 100% GMO-free and plant-based with no meal or fat of animal origin and containing cereals, soya and minerals. In particular, animal feed for Campese chickens in the final stage must be 70% cereal-based (formulations containing soya, minerals and vitamins).
100% Italian - all birds are bred, raised and processed in Italy. Campese farms, of which there are around 100, are all in Puglia, in the Italian province of Foggia, whereas the relative processing plants are in Mosciano S.Angelo, in the province of Teramo, and in Santa Sofia, in the province of Forli'-Cesena.
100% renewable energy - only energy from renewable sources is used at each stage of the manufacturing process. Using energy from renewable sources is one of the main pillars of Amadori's sustainable production project to use power from photovoltaic, wind and biomass sources.  
As tasty as "grandma's chicken" - Campese chicken have bright red plumage, a tapered, pointed breast, long, tapered thighs and legs, and firm, yellow meat. Roaming freely outdoors, Campese have more developed muscles and thus a firmer meat. The yield when cooked is good and it is a highly versatile meat, suiting in particular consumers who prefer firm meat with the characteristic fragrance, like the chickens our grandmothers used to cook. 
You can't see the Campese chicken on the web cam?  That's probably because it's in the barn sleeping or it went inside for shelter, or maybe the farm's empty waiting for new chicks to arrive. If you can't see Campese live, click the video below to see it in previous recordings!