Campese, a type of chicken that is reared outdoors without antibiotics, is our top-quality product. We let these birds grow slowly, as they are allowed to roam freely in the wide outdoor spaces of our rearing facilities, which are fenced, protected by vegetation, and carefully managed by professional farmers. Campese chicken is fully produced in Italy, with its traceability guaranteed by Amadori’s integrated supply chain. Only fed with plant-based, non-GMO food, these birds are processed in Amadori’s plants, which fully operate on renewable energy.

Raised outdoors - Campese farms have windows overlooking large fenced spaces rich in vegetation, where chickens roam freely from dawn till dusk. Each bird has 1 m2 of garden and can stay outdoors for at least half of their lives.

These farms are compliant with requirements provided for by relevant legislation - Regulation (EC) 543/2008 and Italy’s Ministerial Decree of 29 July 2004 - which regulates outdoor chicken rearing. Campese birds are reared without antibiotics throughout their lives and have obtained authorisation by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (No. IT 001 EA UNAITALIA).

Non-GMO, plant-based - The feed we give our Campese chickens is exclusively plant-based and non-GMO. It does not contain any animal flour and fats, but cereals, soybeans, and minerals.

Fully Italian - Аll birds are born, raised, and processed in Italy, and their traceability is guaranteed. There are totally over 100 Campese farms, which are located in southern Italy’s Puglia (in the province of Foggia) and Basilicata, whose territories are renowned for their unspoilt landscapes. Also, a plant is located in Mosciano S. Angelo (in the province of Teramo), where Campese chicken is processed.

Only renewable energy - In every phase of Campese food processing we only use energy that comes from renewables.

This taste has won consumers’ hearts - Campese chickens are characterised by bright-red plumage, pointed breast, and longer, more tapered legs and drumsticks. Since these birds roam freely outdoors, their muscles are more developed, which makes their meat more solid and compact. When cooked, this meat has an excellent yield and is extremely versatile for recipes. It is particularly appreciated by consumers on the lookout for meat with a distinctive scent that evokes memories of traditional flavours and pleasures of the meals of the past.

This taste has won our consumers’ hearts, as they chose Campese for its flavour and compactness during a blind test.*

*This test was carried out in “Veneto Agricoltura” - a laboratory that specialises in sensory tests compliant with ISO regulations (Thiene, province of Vicenza; partner of the University of Padua). 300 consumers.

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