With over 1,500 products, our goal is to fully satisfy our customers’ demands when it comes to taste, service, and variety of what we offer.

All Amadori products come from chickens and turkeys that are born, reared, and processed in Italy.

All Amadori’s integrated supply chain stands out for this “Italian-ness”: all our production plants (feed production plants, hatcheries, reproduction and growing facilities, food processing plants, distribution logistics platforms) are located in Italy.

By virtue of our solid roots, an eye to the future, every-day work, and our passion for doing things properly, today Amadori is one of Italy’s biggest agri-food companies in the poultry sector. Our Group stands out for its quality, sustainability, innovation, and constant improvement: these are the principles that inspire and characterise our work, in order for us to provide consumers with controlled, traceable, certified products.

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