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Integrated Supply Chain


The Amadori Integrated Supply Chain enables us to control all phases of the production process, including the acquisition of raw materials, feed production, the management and growth of the animals, food transformation, and the marketing and distribution of the product.

Controlled supply chain certifications:



The integrated supply chain is our company's strength. It allows us to ensure compliance with high control and quality standards so we can offer you various versatile and tasty products.

Click here Feed mill This is where feed based on wheat, corn, study the ideal diet to ensure barley, soy and mineral salts is produced, and where expert nutritionists the growth of our animals. 3% Oils and fats 30% Raw materials of protein origin such as RTRS-certified soy and its derivatives 67% Cereals and by-products such as wheatmeal, buckwheat, and bran Click here Breeding Roosters and the hens that lay eggs for the hatcheries are raised on breeding farms. To ensure maximum bio-security right from the start, chicken and turkey breeding farms are distributed in protected environments and are managed with care and attention. Click here Hatcheries These are dedicated structures where the development of the fertilised eggs takes place, and the parameters of humidity, temperature and ventilation are kept under constant control according to strict hygiene-sanitary std. 5 Hatcheries Here we carefully manage the preliminary egg-hatching phase with precision and in compliance with current legislation. Click here Farms The animals grow up on farms that ensure the best climatic conditions, where they have ground to peck in and, in the case of Il Campese and the BIO organic chicken, also roam outdoors. 10 Company Vets work alongside our farmers in the supply chain to ensure the best growth conditions for the animals. 51 Breeding Support Technicians Click here Processing All the food processing plants in the Amadori supply chain are recognised by the relevant public authorities, ISO 9001 certified and equipped with cutting-edge technologies to produce a wide range of products. 5 food processing plants recognised and authorised by the Ministry of Health, which operate following processes guaranteed by the Quality Food Safety division. Click here Distribution Technologically advanced logistics platforms allow us to make most deliveries within 24 hours of receiving the customer's order, thus protecting the freshness of our products. Around 95% the percentage of orders whose delivery throughout Italy took place within 24 hours of receiving the customer's order in 2020-2021. .
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We offer a wide range of meat-based specialities from our quality supply chains.
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The excellence of our supply chain

Campese is a 100% Italian slow-growth chicken, raised outdoors without antibiotics and fed an exclusively vegetable and GM-free diet.

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Unmistakable quality

100% Italian chickens and turkeys, raised without antibiotics and fed with exclusively vegetable and GM-free feed.

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Our BIO organic chicken

100% Italian chicken, raised outdoors without the antibiotics and fed with organically farmed cereals and legumes.

Care and respect
Care and respect

We care for our animals by protecting them along all stages of our supply chain.

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The commitment to farms
The commitment to farms

We have tried for years to use antibiotics more responsibly, and we can say that we have achieved important results.

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