Integrated supply chain

Working in an integrated supply chain has always been the strong point of Amadori’s policy, whose aim is to let our animals grow ideally and provide our consumers with excellent products. Our supply chain is integrated, Italian, and managed with dedication and professionalism.
Each phase of the production cycle is carefully checked: our internal traceability system is a guarantee of safety and quality for each product.

All of this means that our customers are provided with products that are fresh and have certified quality: based on more than 50 years of hands-on experience, for each phase we look for the best technologies and the most effective operating processes, as they are certified by independent third-party bodies.

Our system “Assicurazione Qualità” (Quality Assurance) is made up of 53 professionals supervising the supply chain and test laboratories, whose job is to guarantee the highest standards in all production phases - from the fields to the consumers’ tables. More than 5 million euros are invested every year in the whole system of Quality Assurance, which carries out a yearly total of over 560,000 microbiological, chemical, serological, molecular biology, and diagnostics tests in all phases of the supply chain and 98,000 microbiological and chemical checks on finished products.

Facts - Supply chain


20.000 clients in Italy and abroad

14.000 orders per day

Our state-of-the-art logistics guarantees top class service, with deliveries normally within 24 hours


100 Campese rearing units

they were 6 in 2000

Campese rearing units are located in the Italian region of Apulia, in the Province of Foggia, and created jobs for about 100 people.



100% Italian supply chain

controlled by Amadori

All our plants are in Italy: 6 hatcheries, 4 feed mills, 6 food processing plants, 19 branches and agencies

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