Our commitment: Amadori and the animal welfare

Animal welfare
Animal welfare

Our bond with the soil and with farmers has always been one of our defining values. This enables us today to guarantee our livestock the best living conditions in the care of highly qualified personnel at every stage in our supply chain.

Facts - Animal welfare

1 square meter

for each Campese chicken

Campese chickens have access to at least 1m2 of yard covered in vegetation, and they are free to scratch around in the open air for at least half of their life.

60 employees

hold the European animal welfare licence

Since January 2014, more than sixty employees were awarded the European licence for animal welfare, issued on completion of a training course run in collaboration with the Italian health authority, ASL.

More space

than required by law

For the 10+ chickens we give the birds more space than is required by law, and extra features have been added such as bales of straw to stimulate natural behaviour