Working in an integrated supply chain is the strong point which Amadori Group's business is based on. By virtue of an internal traceability system, we have in-depth, certified control of all phases of the production cycle: from the selection of raw materials (whose origin is guaranteed) to the activities of feed factories, hatcheries, farms, food processing plants, and – last but not least - distribution of all our products.

Feed factories

This is where we produce food out of wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, and minerals, as nutrition experts study the ideal diet to ensure proper health and growth for our animals.

Reproduction farms

In reproduction farms, roosters and hens are raised that lay eggs that are subsequently moved to our hatcheries.


These are dedicated structures where fertilised eggs develop, as parameters of humidity, temperature, and ventilation are constantly controlled in compliance with strict hygiene and sanitary standards.

Rearing farms

Our animals grow in organised farms with the best climatic conditions, where they can scratch the ground, even outdoors (as is the case for “Il Campese” and “BIO” chickens).


All food processing plants in the Amadori supply chain are recognized by the relevant public authorities; also, they are ISO 9001 certified and equipped with cutting-edge technologies to produce a wide range of products.


Thanks to technologically advanced logistics platforms, most deliveries take place within 24 hours after we receive a client’s order; this way, the shelf life of our products is safeguarded.


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