We directly manage our entire integrated supply chain: this is the only way to guarantee the origin of all raw materials and to control each step of the production cycle, also thanks to our internal traceability system. From feed production facilities to rearing facilities, from hatcheries to food processing plants, on up to distribution, we certify the quality of our processes and products in order to provide the market with quality, safety and good taste.

Feed production facilities

We produce the feed for the rearing facilities, with formulas based on wheat, corn, soy and mineral salts. The animals’ balanced diet is determined by expert nutritionists who ensure their health and growth.


In the breeding facilities we raise the roosters and hens which lay the eggs for the hatcheries.


In the hatcheries the fertilized eggs develop in constantly controlled parameters of humidity, temperature and ventilation, in accordance with rigorous hygiene-sanitary standards.

Rearing facilities

The rearing plants are facilities in which chicks are raised according to careful feeding guidelines until they are full grown.


All of our food processing facilities are recognized by the competent public authorities and certified according to ISO 9001.


Thanks to our technologically advanced logistic platforms, most of the deliveries are made within 24 hours from the time the animals are slaughtered.


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