Amadori is one of the leading companies in the Italian agro-food sector, an innovative company and specialist in the poultry market. The turnover in 2014 was more than 1,2 billion euros. The Company, founded forty years ago in San Vittore di Cesena, relies on collaboration with over 7,200 workers and has industrial plants, subsidiaries and branches all over Italy.

The production cycle makes the difference

The roots of Amadori’s success lie in the decision of the Company to directly manage the entire integrated production cycle. This choice allows for thorough, certified control of all production phases: the selection of raw materials, rearing units, hatcheries, feed facilities, food processing, packaging and distribution.

Tradition and innovation

Solid roots and an orientation to the future: this is what makes the Company stand out on the market. With passion and experience, our team of professionals offers innovative gastronomical proposals and works every day to ensure that consumers have good, fresh and safe products. 

The numbers speak for themselves

The Amadori presence on the Italian market consists of:

6 hatcheries
4 feed facilities
6 food processing facilities.
19 branch offices and agencies
3 primary platforms handling up to 300,000 crates a day.

This distribution network handles some 36% of the total produced and sold by the company, supported by 350 agents, 700 lorries for secondary transport, serving, on an almost daily basis, about 20,000 customers with 500 products and 1700 items.

1,100,000 m3 of rearing units owned and directly managed by us and which produce about 30% of the Group’s live animal requirement.

3,700 hectares of land on which the rearing facilities are located.