Growing in harmony with the land, limiting environmental impact. This is our goal and we are constantly striving to improve the efficiency of our production processes, investing in new technologies to reduce consumption and optimise resources.

These are the principal goals of our environmental policy: energy saving and the use of renewable sources; limiting refuse production and managing it responsibly; raising awareness and training our staff at all levels.

Facts - environment


30% of total energy consumption

is self-generated

Self-generated energy (photovoltaic, co-generation, biogas) equals 30% of total energy consumed: this figure rises to 80% in the Cesena plant.



ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

The environmental management systems in place at our facilities in Cesena and Teramo obtained quality certification, along with Santa Sofia (FC) in 2015, and the energy management system in Cesena.


11 million less km in a year

equals 7,000 less tons/year of CO2

We improved the efficiency and load optimization of our road vehicles by rationalising delivery frequency and optimising journey schedules.

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