Corporate Social Responsibility

A whole world of care revolves around the supply chain.
Our business activities have an impact on the world around us. We have thus chosen a business model capable or reconciling our corporate objectives with those of the environment and communities in which we operate, focusing on transparency and consistency.

Respect and balance are the linchpins for our corporate responsibility policy which involves the entire supply chain, demonstrated by our commitment to the environment and the welfare of animals and people, namely employees, consumers and the community.

Economic, environmental and social sustainability: at Amadori we think talking about corporate social responsibility means ensuring the company’s
sustainability over time, in all these areas: economic stability, the least possible environmental impact, and respect for society, in a broad sense.
Our company, which has been in the sector for over 40 years, is aware of the importance of responsible corporate behaviour, and in recent years has decided to approach this in a more structured way. Since 2014, every year we publish a document in which we try to demonstrate our commitment in all the aspects of the production process, from the environment to animal welfare, and to people, meaning our employees, our consumers and our community.

We do this not only for our distribution partners, who have increasingly asked for tangible demonstrations of producers’ commitment in these areas; not only for consumers, increasingly attentive to social responsibility; but we do it above all for ourselves, to stimulate a shared thought process on all levels and to lay the foundation for an increasingly aware and mature corporate culture.

Our goal is to continue this process from a perspective of continuous improvement, the key words that have guided our company’s path throughout 2016. We will continue to pursue this goal in the coming years in order to achieve increasingly shared recognition of our corporate social responsibility.

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