Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

A whole world of care revolves around the supply chain.
Our business activities have an impact on the world around us. We have thus chosen a business model capable or reconciling our corporate objectives with those of the environment and communities in which we operate, focusing on transparency and consistency.

Respect and balance are the linchpins for our corporate responsibility policy which involves the entire supply chain, demonstrated by our commitment to the environment and the welfare of animals and people, namely employees, consumers and the community.

In 2014 we started an in-house process aimed at trying to provide evidence of our commitment across all sections of the supply chain, from the environment, to animal welfare, to people – namely employees, consumers, communities. We did this not only for our partners in retailing, who are increasingly asking for evidence and acknowledging the commitment of manufacturers in this area, not only for customers who are more and more interested in social responsibility issues; we did this especially for us, to encourage a shared reflection at all corporate levels, paving the way for a corporate culture which is increasingly responsible and mature.
In 2015 we decided to continue along the path undertaken, starting to work in an even more structured way, which involved several corporate departments, through an extremely profitable cross-cutting dialogue and exchange process.
In 2016, with this third edition, we have deepened the level of insight even further, trying to involve more and more corporate departments all along the supply chain, and reviewing in a more structured way the ways of involving the various stakeholders, from local government to employees, from customers to consumers, from banks to suppliers.
Our goal is to continue this process with a view to continuous improvement, which – over the next few years – will hopefully lead us to increasingly shared levels of recognition as regards our corporate social responsibility.

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