Sliced Turkey Breast

Sliced Turkey Breast

Package sizes:
  • 300 gr
  • 400 gr

The “10+” line of turkey products meets all of Amadori’s “10+” rules, ensuring a 100% Italian, certified, identifiable product. Amadori uses only meat from birds hatched, raised, and processed in Italy (100% Italian turkeys), fed on plant-based, GMO-free ingredients with no meal or fat of animal origin, and –in accordance with regulations– no growth-promoting antibiotics.


Cooking instructions

Frying pan, grill


All-Italian; GMO-free, plant-based feed; supply chain monitored from farm to butcher; system quality and traceability certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001:08; UNI EN ISO 22005:08)


350 gr - tagliato sottile
350 gr - tagliato sottile
350 gr
350 gr - monoporzione
700 gr

Commercial formats