We have always believed in the value of dialogue and good relations with the communities where we operate through our integrated supply chain: that is why we have been open and sensitive towards all the people we work with.
We believe that the active involvement of all our stakeholders (local communities, public institutions, associations, research bodies, universities) can play a key role in improving our company: this way we can meet the needs of their territories by promoting wellbeing and full economic, social development.
We are aware of the social role and the economic impact we have on territories and communities. For this reason, we are committed to creating value by means of initiatives, dialogue, and cooperation with local committees that promote and support cultural, social, and sport initiatives - especially among younger generations.

Facts - People


Over 9.000 collaborators

throughout Italy

At the end of 2021, Amadori’s employees were equally made up of women and men. About 73% of our employees are Italian nationals, while 27.2% are of other nationalities. We also have over 300 agents and - within our integrated supply chain - farmers in over 800 farms and transportation workers from over 360 companies that work together with our company.


Training to raise awareness of safety culture

to prevent and minimise risks

In 2021, almost 70% of total professional development hours were devoted to health and safety for all those who work in our Group.


“Peopoll”: Poultry people

over 10 years full of events

Since 2009, initiatives for employees have been branded “Peopoll” (lit. “Peopoultry”) - the title of a photography book that was published in 2009 to celebrate our company’s 40th birthday. Our events involve collaborators from our different branches and their families.

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