Our commitment: Amadori and the community


We recognise the value of dialogue and good relations with all the stakeholders in our business, particularly with the communities we come into contact with throughout the supply chain. We maintain that our active involvement with all these stakeholders, be they local communities and institutions, associations or universities and research centres, can be a key factor in developing our business in such a way that it offers a practical response to the needs of the environments and societies in which we operate, by promoting their development and wellbeing.

Facts - People

About 7.200 employees

all over Italy

52% of workers are women, 48% men. 67% was born in Italy, 33% abroad. 64% works in the Emilia Romagna region, 26% in Abruzzo, the rest in Tuscany, Lombardy, Apulia, Veneto.

Injuries: down 27% in 5 years

more safety in the workplace

Our constant focus on safety and training has had a positive effect on the frequency and severity of accidents occurring at our production sites, the figures for which have improved drastically (frequency down 27%, severity down 16%).

More than 20 "Peopoll" events

in 4 years

Approximately 500 employees visited Amadori farms with their families, more than 600 runners took part in the "Corsa dei polli" road race, more than 200 players competed in the football tournament and around 400 recipes were submitted to the cooking competition.